VdeV Paul Ricard

After dry races at Catalunya and Le Mans, the 6 hour VdeV race at Paul Ricard was torrential rain and storms, necessitating two extended safety car periods.

Sarah Reader and Flick Haigh were once again paired for the race and started from the pit lane on wet tyres. Unfortunately the initial rain stopped, so it was back to slicks and then wets again when the storms came.

Fortunately, Flick and Sarah like driving in the wet and quickly progressed through the field to elevate themselves, after 5 hours, to 8th overall and 1st in class.

The last hour of the race was dry and an inspired call by the team saw them re-fuel, change drivers and tyres at the same stop just as the track went from wet to dry.

At the end of the 6 hours it was touch and go for maintaining the position, but the regulations required another run through the pit lane and this relegated them to 9th overall and 2nd in class. However, this was a well deserved result and podium for the drivers and team in what was a drama filled race.

The next round of the championship is a 3 hour race at Dijon at the end of June.