Fun Cup Evo1

Fun Cup cars are purpose-built race cars formed around a strong space-frame chassis. The Beetle-type silhouette was adopted when developing the cars and the series because there is a heavy bias towards VW powertrain and parts.  The driver has a central seating position with the engine being mid-mounted and coupled to a paddle-shift, sequential gearbox.  

The suspension is a combination of race and modified production equipment so these lightweight cars are serious racing cars and have excellent cornering ability.

Driven by Sarah Reader, John Gilbert, Scott Mansell and BTCC's Tom Ingram, this car has finished on the top step for its class in the prestigious Spa 25H race.

As the name suggests, this is a fantastically fun car to drive.



Max Power (bhp/rpm):




Top Speed:


Tyres Standard:

Tyres Optional:




1.8 VW petrol

130 bhp @ 5800


5.2 Seconds

175 bhp-per-tonne

110 mph

5 Speed paddle-shift

Series specific

Series specific

Delivery, fuel and consumables, support for the day

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